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Acid Dyes • Reactive Dyes • Permanent Textile Pigments

Finest Quality—Comparable to the best!

For over 10 years, Jacquard InkJet Fabric Systems (JIFS), sister company to Jacquard Products, has been a leading supplier of textiles treated for digital printing, inks, pigments, steamers and related-services for the evolving digital printing industry.

Poster Fabric!

Travel Light & Wrinkle Free, Certified Fire Retardant. Ideal for scientific posters. Good for printing with all water-based ink sets & also direct print with transfer inks. 93% polyester.

Pre-coated Fabrics

JIFS offers two types of premium-quality custom fabric coating for textiles, FabriSign and ProCoat for customers using wide format digital printers. Our line of coated fabrics includes: cottons, linens, nylons, polyesters and silks. The coatings do not alter the feel of the fabrics – they remain soft.

FabriSign Coated Fabrics

FabriSign is a professional coating used for any aqueous (water-based) inks—the inks found in all standard desktop and wide format graphics printers. FabriSign treated fabrics will be water-resistant, but not washable. Prints will yield deep, rich colors. FabriSign coating is perfect for fine art prints, giclée prints, banners, advertising prints and prototypes.

ProCoat Coated Fabrics

ProCoat fabrics are designed to be used with reactive or acid textile dyes. The treatment maintains resolution of the print and aids in the fixation and color yield of the print. ProCoat fabrics are completely washable and dry-cleanable, making them perfect for many applications including wearable and commercial textiles. ProCoat fabrics must be matched to the correct ink for the fabric type. Color is generally post-fixed by steaming or heating.

ProCoat Polyesters

ProCoat polyester fabrics are ideal for outdoor flags and banners. Like all ProCoat fabrics, these polyesters must be matched to the correct ink type.

Polyesters for Solvent Printing

These 100% polyesters are treated for printing with standard solvents. These fabrics are normally supplied without paper backing, we can back them for you (please call for a quote).

Custom Fabric Coating and Paper Backing

JIFS will custom coat your fabric using ProCoat or FabriSign. Fabrics treated with ProCoat and FabriSign are normally paper-backed; we can supply them unbacked at your request (call for details). Fabrics that have been custom-coated provide excellent image resolution and intense color yield.

Untreated Fabrics

All of our fabrics are available untreated for printers using transfer printing on polyester with disperse dyes and for printing with Jacquard’s Pigmented Textile Inks for all fabrics (natural, blends, synthetics). Pigmented textile colors do not require treated (coated) fabric. Please call for a quote.

Inks and Associated Products

Jacquard Acid Inks, Jacquard Reactive Inks and Jacquard Permanent Pigment Inks are all available in 250 ml and 1000 ml sizes.

JIFS also sells the following Huntsman Inks in bulk:

Huntsman Bulk Inks (1 and 2 liter sizes)

  • Terasil TS - for inkjet printing on polyester by transfer or direct
  • Novacron MI – reactive inks for cellulosic fibers
  • Lanaset SIHS – acid inks for silk, nylon and wool

Jacquard Acid and Reactive digital inks utilize the same chemistry and color concentration as Huntsman’s Novacron and Lanaset making them interchangeable and compatible – compare prices. Other products include Universal Cleaning Fluid for printers, Diluent for colors and Fixative for reactive and acid dyes.


We offer Steam Jet I & II Fabric finishers and the Jacquard Vertical Fabric Steamer.